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We are working on new features:

  • Improved notification system
  • Searching our members by their nickname
  • Adding members to custom lists
  • Email notifications ~ with possibility of turning them off of course :)
  • And many more! ^^

If there is something else you would like to see within this website, don't hesitate and contact us either using this form or just visit our Facebook page ( and reach us there :)

We care about our users :)

Some of the latest changes:

  • Timezone
    - under the Manage account section of your profile, you can now set what timezone should be used when we display time

  • Log in with Facebook
    - you can now log in with no need of creating an account at all, we will create one for you :)

  • Notifications
    - in "Network" section, you can find out who has liked or commented on your photos :)

  • Visitors
    - under the Network section, you can now see the list of the members who visited your profile

  • Karma
    - karma helps others to indicate whether you are good person or not
    - if someone is kind, polite and he treats you right, increase his karma
    - if someone seems annoying to you or treats you in bad way, decrease it :)
    - if your karma gets under -50, you can send only 1 message per 12 hours,
      maybe you will want to apologize to someone, or treat people in different way
    - if your karma gets under -200, chat is completely disabled for you and we will contact you
    - there are no advantages resulting from high karma, it is only used to describe you :)

  • Photo comments
    - just click on the icon of comment in the right bottom corner within the photo preview

  • Account management
    • you can now manage your account information (including nick), check "Manage account" in your profile page
    • complete removal of your account is now also possible, you need to enter password to confirm it
      - information about how to delete your account was also added into our Privacy Policy

  • Filling up your contact information
    - apart from email, Facebook and Twitter, you can also add your phone number, Yahoo! ID, WeChat ID or even LINE ID into your profile